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Discerning The Past

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Everyone goes through phases in their life and everyone categorizes all these areas in their mind differently. It’s always been a curiosity how someone qualifies a time of their life belonging to the present or the past.

For example. Despite the technical accuracy of yesterday being in my past, I wouldn’t fully consider it to be the past in the grand scheme of my life. There are segments, my school years, my youth, my growing up, my first job, my first car, my run away years, my disillusioned years, etc.

There were phases in which my beliefs and views on the past varied. There’s the: “I’m not going to regret anything I do, because it’s who I am and without it, I wouldn’t be the way I am.” The: “No one will care who I was, they will see me for me as I am now.”

You eventually learn to realize your mistakes from your past and hope not repeat them. You hope to grow and develop and be a bit different from the way that you were. You develop as a person and grow in character, but underneath it all the past is the past. It lays there unchanged as an account of your personal history.

It always struck me as being odd when someone judged me for my past without taking into account the present, or those that attempt to erase the past whether it be theirs or mine.

Who wants skeletons in their closet? I’d like to believe that I’m rather transparent. I don’t actively advertise my past, but if it were to surface I certainly wouldn’t deny it. I may be ashamed or I may be defensive depending on whether it’s warranted. Which is why when it comes down to it. I find it rather immature for people to try to write you out of their life or past. To obscure and hide their pasts. Does it really make a difference? It was there and it happened.

Enough of the squabbles, you’d think everyone would universally just mature with time. Alas for some the amount of time it takes remains the same throughout their lives, whilst for others that amount of time lengthens or shortens. Self-realization really.

Time to realize no one really cares about your life as much as yourself, no point in blowing things out of proportion. Keep a level head and strive for things worth changing.

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