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Passing People

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It’s sad sometimes when you realize how many people you pass by in a day. Everyone seems so isolated these days, within our own personal realms. We entrench ourselves between a wall of sound fueled by our various music playing devices.

Ever since I started taking public transportation again I’ve become one of those music bumping, book reading kind of people. The ones that disappear amongst the many other people, invisible to the outside world…or so we would like to believe.

It’s funny how on the days I forget my mp3 player the people around me take on a whole new vibe. You notice all the iPod rocking people isolated with no eye contact whatsoever. You notice the ones without headphones may even venture to make eye contact with others who are without headphones or reading material…but just for a split second.

I wonder if some people are sitting there lonely and isolated, just hoping and wishing someone else who was in a similar situation might greet or at least give them some sort of acknowledgment.

The strangest situations arise and often times the most unforeseen outcome will erupt as a result of it. For instance I was riding the train with my buddy and he was fiddling with an elastic that was wrapped around the handle of his umbrella. Of course in all the fiddling the rubber band goes shooting off at some innocent looking lady reading her book.

Instead of the typical outrage, all of us including the woman burst out laughing. In that strange moment we shared there’s this warmth in the air of an odd connection with another human. Yet as quickly as it comes, the feeling fleets equally fast. However you could read in the eyes of that woman that that was most likely the first genuine laugh she’s had all day. The stress and on guard demeanor after that was non-existent.

Are we all so regularly jaded and disillusioned that we build up these walls and present a false impression? I suppose the mundane day to day routines can grind on us to a point where our true personalities and yearnings become arcane knowledge even to ourselves.

With all these daily passings, I hope that some people will continue bumping into others. In every sense of that statement. Bump on.

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  1. Good post, I’ve had similar thoughts myself. For a while, I actually boycotted listening to my iPod on the bus because I didn’t want to be in my techno-bubble of isolation like everyone else. I feel the same way about cell phones, people walk around talking on the phone to the people they already know, and not giving anyone new a chance.

  2. I actually encountered an interesting article (if only I could remember where) that talked about how there’s a new backlash in the young generation to the “techno-bubble”, or technology induced stress. Where clubs/groups that were once popular with our grandparents’ generation are gaining attention once again.

    If only for further human interaction or to disconnect ourselves from these sensitivity depriving instruments we make use of day to day. Like knitting clubs, star gazing clubs, etc.

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