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Blood Cells

Choking On Blood

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Ah nothing like the feeling of being awakened due to the fact that you can’t breathe.  That was me about 30 minutes ago, thanks to me choking on blood that had pooled in my throat. How I managed to cut my lip during my dreamless sleep confuses me.   Furthermore it’s not really a big cut, but it’s bleeding quite substantially.

The thing is now my bedroom looks like a crime scene. If you’ve ever choked before, you’re probably aware of the fact that you tend to sputter whatever may be within your mouth as you gasp for air.

It’s like an involuntary spitting out of water when someone tells a funny joke. Alas, there is nothing funny about spitting out blood. It stains. After spending the whole day cleaning, here I am awake cleaning my own mixture of blood and saliva.

So here I am trying to kill some time to let the baking soda do it’s work before I rinse and repeat.  There’s still the taste of iron within my mouth and no matter how much I rinse, it only seems to make it worse.  I know this post may seem a bit disgusting, but I figured it would fit in with the blood spattered theme of this site.

Enjoy imagining my spewing and spraying of blood about my room. Time to CSI this stuff.

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