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Top 20 Sad Or Melancholy Love Songs

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Along the same vein as the Top 20 Angry or Bitter Breakup Songs, here’s another playlist with some more “modern” sad or melancholy long songs in no particular order.

Despite how happy you may be or sad you may be, the sound of a sad or melancholy love song is unmistakable. Some enjoy it for it’s pacing and others for the vocal styling. Whatever your reasons may be. Here are 20 songs in no particular order.

Mariah Carey – Don’t Forget About Us
Mariah’s lengthy career means you can practically pick any of her albums and find at least 2 or 3 sad or melancholy love songs. Here’s a popular one.

One Republic – Apologize
Thanks to Timbaland’s “remixing”, this band’s excellent song got a lot of exposure here in North America

Keane – This Is The Last Time

Hawksley Workman – On The Highway Tonight (There’s No Reason To Cry Out Your Eyes
Marion Cotillard stars in this music video crying in her car. That in itself is melancholy enough.

Something Corporate – Konstantine

Jimmy Eat World – Hear You Me

Nelly Furtado – All Good Things (Come To An End)

Seether ft. Amy Lee – Broken

Howie Day – Collide

Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You

Five For Fighting – One More For Love
Excuse the sappy fan video.

Nelly & Tim McGraw

Justin Timberlake – (Another Song) All Over Again

Usher & Alicia Keys – My Boo

3 Doors Down – Here Without You

Kid Rock ft. Sheryl Crow – Picture

Oasis – Wonderwall

Sarah McLachlan – I Will Remember You

Daniel Bedingfield – If You’re Not The One

Jennifer Lopez ft. LL Cool J – All I Have

N*Sync – Gone
…and here’s a little guilty pleasure as a bonus.


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