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My Random Thoughts This Past Week

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I realized I think about some rather weird things on a daily basis and I’m pretty sure that most people do to, it’s just we probably don’t make a conscious effort to keep track of all the oddities.

Well  upon realizing earlier on this week that for the past who knows how long I’ve been formulating wacky ideas, I’ve started to keep track.  So here’s a record to myself for when I look back upon my past what sort of weird crap I was thinking.

“Hmm, an effective way to keep these punks that are holding the train doors open from delaying everyone’s commute is to have each attempt to close the doors increase in velocity and force.  On the final attempt, let’s say after 3…no 4 tries the rubber seal on the doors retract to reveal a guillotine like blade on each door that will cut loose anything holding the doors back.”

Is this drastic? Perhaps, but I think people would quickly learn their lesson.

“Gosh that building looks incredibly naked without the construction scaffolding hanging from it’s exterior. You were so covered up for the past 6 months I forgot what you looked like. Building…you’re so hot right now.”

“If I were to drop whatever it is I’m carrying onto the train tracks and a train is approaching, am I agile enough to jump down retrieve my belongings and then jump back up onto the platform within 20 seconds?”

“This incredibly slow and obese person is blocking my way down the stairs, I wonder if I should pull a Mr Bean and climb over the railing and hand over hand it around them.”

“If I run fast enough can I jump from one train platform to the other? No way it’s too far…crazy movies.  Wait I wonder if this platform were slightly higher and I factored in my rate of descent…could I theoretically then make it to the other side?”

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