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9/11: A Perpetually Defining Moment

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Family Members & Survivors

It’s been seven years now and it is still a moment in time of which the full impact has yet to be seen.

It has united a city and country beyond the normal efforts to unify divided people.

It has instigated its own war. The War on Terror.

There are long lasting effects and short lived assistance to those who were impacted directly. Debates and fights for their rights.

They are wanting to implement these events into school curriculum.

The thing is, they are trying to teach the history of the attacks on the World Trade Center when there are still ongoing parts to that history.

The impact is undeniable. It is certainly the defining moment for this generation. I remember exactly where I was, what I was doing and how I felt. This story is the same for many others.

Other’s have compared it to being the Kennedy assassination of our generation. Or Pearl Harbor for the generation before that. Then I started thinking. How does it feel for someone like my Grandmother, who’s lived through so many “defining” events in her life.

There’s World War II of which she vividly remembers the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, Pearl Harbor, The Vietnam War, The Assassination of John F Kennedy, The Gulf War and now the terrorist attacks on September 11th.

Then I wondered how it must feel for those who had lost family members and friends on September 11th. What will it be like for our generation? How many of these defining events will we experience in our lives.

For me I hope that this is it for defining moments.

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