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Xbox 360 Netflix Streaming On A Canadian Xbox Live Account

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It’s been noted all over the place how annoyingly stupid it is if you bought your Xbox in one country and moved to another.  Microsoft doesn’t allow you to change the country that you registered your account with.  Your only option is to start all over with a new account.

If you’re like me and are looking at keeping your account but still want to do what you can with the US options then it’s certainly frustrating.

While fooling around I found a way to get Netflix to stream through my Xbox on my Canadian account and here’s how I did it.

First I logged in with my Silver US Xbox Live account and downloaded the Netflix application. I went through the various actions to link it to my Netflix account and voila I was ready to go. It’ll complain that you need a Gold membership and will then allow you to switch over to your Canadian Gold account.

From there you’re still within the Netflix app can begin streaming anything you have queued up.  This process has to be repeated each time you watch movies. There is a way to save you from the trouble sof having to sign in and out of various accounts. If you just hit your Xbox button and select “Quick Launch” then swap over to the tab with “All” it will list all your applications and games. You can select Netflix and resume watching movies without having to do the switcheroo.

Hope this helps others.

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