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Time Warner Service Surprisingly Friendly

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So for the past who knows how long I’ve been off the promotional rate for my Time Warner internet service.  The regular price is a bit high but certainly not as much as what I pay with Telus.  Not to mention the speeds are far faster, so in comparison I really have nothing to complain about.  However those are two different markets.

I set upon the task of trying to figure out whether or not I would be able to get back on a lower priced plan.  You know seeing as we’re in a recession and all.  I thought I was going to be up for a lengthy and annoying battle with them trying to negotiate something, either that or forced to cancel my service if they weren’t willing to budge.

Surprise surprise, who knew their customer service was so polite and willing to help. I certainly wouldn’t have imagined it after having read some other people’s horror stories.  Perhaps they’re feeling the pinch of the economy as well and are doing what they can to hold on to their customers.

I dial in and was surprised there was no wait to reach an agent. A friendly woman by the name of Pamela comes on and I quickly explain I can no longer afford my plan and ask if there are any promotions available.  I tell her how I see there are plenty for new customers and inquire about any for existing.  She puts me on hold to check on a few things and returns to offer me the same introductory rate I had for my first 6 months for an entire year.  I accept. She makes the switch. Voila! All in all I’m on a cheaper plan and it only took 5 minutes of my time.

Kudos to Time Warner!

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