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Sidewalk Sidewinders

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Every day we take to the streets and walk the sidewalks on our way to our destinations for the day. Most of us are keen enough to walk in a straight line.  Why is it though that there are so many people that seem to lack the coordination to walk straight?

Granted there are those people who are either busy texting or chatting on their phones that tend to drift.  I can’t understand how hard it is to maintain a straight line.  If you have that much trouble walking straight and talking, I’d really hate to see them try to multitask with anything else.

What really blows me away are the people who can’t seem to master walking straight when completely  sober and not preoccupied with anything else.

Please inform me, what causes this?

In a crowded city you can imagine how annoying this can be. Especially with everyone milling around like ants. By walking in zig zag patterns you’ll often see numerous people get thwarted in their attempts to get around people.

Do us all a favor and pay more attention to the lines you’re walking. Maybe we need to paint lanes on the sidewalks to keep people in line. Operate like you’re driving a car.

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