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Loyal Dog

This Is Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Spewed out 9 years, 5 months ago at 6:58 pm

People wonder why I think dogs are better than cats? This is the reason right here. They don’t just think about themselves all the time.

Some of the images after the jump might be a bit graphic for some, but it just goes to show how loyal dogs are.

Check out these stories of dogs that walked miles to return to their owners. There’s the two famous ones: Hachiko and Grefriars Bobby.

More after the jump.

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Awesome Choreographers: Napoleon & Tabitha

Spewed out 9 years, 5 months ago at 8:17 pm

Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo also known as NappyTabs come up with some pretty awesome choreography.  I’ve been following some of their stuff here and there through the years, but never realized how awesome it was mainly due to the fact that most of the videos of their earlier stuff are just shot bad.

You know amateur camcorder stuff from a guy fully zoomed in at the very back of a performance venue, shaky and full of ambient chit chat and noise.

They got a huge boost in popularity with their appearance on So You Think You Can Dance and I was reminded of how awesome their stuff is.

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Dubai Metro Versus Vancouver Skytrain

Spewed out 9 years, 5 months ago at 10:56 am

The Dubai Metro opened just under a month ago on 09.09.09 at 09.09.09 PM to coincide with the launch of the Beetles Rockband game.  Just kidding about that last part.

For those of you interested in transit and trains and what not, the building of the Dubai Metro is absolutely amazing. In just 4 years they built and completed the main line. Compare this to the long awaited second avenue subway line in New York City.

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Top 20 Breakup Songs To Sing Along To

Spewed out 9 years, 5 months ago at 8:19 pm
Thisentryis part 3 of 3 in the series Song Lists

Whether or not you’re going through a breakup, have gone through one or even if you haven’t, singing along with these songs is always fun.

The following list of songs consist of some that are great to sing along to whether you’re alone, or out at a karaoke bar with friends.  Belting these tunes out in the comfort of your shower or car or just lying in bed.

There’s a few songs for all sorts of breakup situations. Of course the angry songs are probably the ones that are more fun to sing, but there’s ones about longing, complications, and residual feelings.

Songs with videos after the jump.

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Strangely Interesting

  • Check this out. Someone took the time to draw a pic of Homer Simpson purely in CSS.

  • Not feeling safe at night? How about a table that turns into a shield and bat?

  • Seeing as I will most likely never climb Everest, this will have to do.  Someone has kindly created this 360 Degree panorama of the view from the top.


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