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Awesome Choreographers: Napoleon & Tabitha

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Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo also known as NappyTabs come up with some pretty awesome choreography.  I’ve been following some of their stuff here and there through the years, but never realized how awesome it was mainly due to the fact that most of the videos of their earlier stuff are just shot bad.

You know amateur camcorder stuff from a guy fully zoomed in at the very back of a performance venue, shaky and full of ambient chit chat and noise.

They got a huge boost in popularity with their appearance on So You Think You Can Dance and I was reminded of how awesome their stuff is.

In case you don’t watch SYTYCD they were nominated for a 2009 Emmy for their choreography on that show and even credited with the creation of a genre of dance known as lyrical hip hop.

Here’s the Emmy nominated performance:

and some more of their crazy work on SYTYCD:

and something from a little while back in ’07:

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  1. I love NappyTabs, but I”m not sure I think it’s fair to credit them with lyrical hip hop. I’ve seen other pieces from other choreographers that I would categorize as such too, just no one gave it a name then and just lumped it into hip hop. Are they just being credited for finally calling it something?

  2. I’m certain it existed before but given their exposure they’ve been getting the credit. This happens all the time with everything though so not surprising.

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