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Getting The Blackberry 9700 Working With T-Mobile

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Having just got the new Blackberry Bold 9700 on T-Mobile, I thought the transition would be relatively smooth. Of course it always takes much longer than I ever anticipate.

I was upgrading from the Blackberry Curve 8320 and had decided to switch devices by using the *surprise* *surprise* Switch Device Wizard that is part of the Blackberry Desktop Manager.  Unfortunately I’m on a Mac and the relatively newly released OSX version of the desktop manager program doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the Windows version.

So I ended up having to drop into Windows and run the desktop manager from there.  Luckily you don’t have to go through a full sync process, you can pretty much use the Device Switch Wizard from any Windows Desktop Manager installation.  In fact I think this is pretty much what they’ll do for you if you got your phone in a T-Mobile store.

Anyways, you’ll want to plug in your original device and what it’ll do is essentially back everything up and then it’ll prompt you to plug in your new berry.  After it finishes loading everything onto your new device it’ll give you the option to wipe all your info from the old.

That part was easy enough.  However after doing the switch my data services weren’t quite working properly. It’s a quick and easy fix which can be done by logging into the T-Mobile BIS site and resending the service books.

For the less jargon savvy, just log into your account on and click on “Blackberry Internet E-Mail” link. It’ll only be on there if you have a Blackberry plan in existence.  From that screen you should see a link on the left that says “Service Books” that’s where you can request that they be resent. It’ll get your data going.

The other issue I had was my Facebook app no longer worked. It would constantly say something like “A connection could not be established to the Facebook servers” or something to that effect.  Apparently some people were also having issues being able to use certain data services like Blackberry Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, but not others.

After some scouring I discovered that the fix was changing the APN setting.  You see some of the newer smart phone devices are set to use the APN: by using one of the other APNs either: or it seemed to give the Facebook app access to connect to the servers again.

From what I’ve read is the newer access point name that should be used, but until it starts working with all my apps I’ll make due with one of the others.

There are people who report or are faster than that’s something I’ll leave up to you to decide.  Apparently the way proxies images makes it appear faster?

Anyways hope this info helps someone.

To set the APN go to:

Settings > Options > Advanced Options > TCP/IP

From there you should see the APN specified. Hope that helps anyone else out there with issues getting Facebook, UberTwitter or any other random app working properly on their new Blackberry 9700.

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