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In New York Everything Is A Convenience

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It’s been awhile since my last post, I suppose the New York “lifestyle” has been keeping me busy but that’d be a lie. It’s more likely that I’ve just been way too tired and occupied with being exhausted.

This so called “busy-ness” and exhuastion has led me to offload more and more things I would typically do myself.  Of course this all comes at a premium, but I always justify it with the time I end up saving.  Time, after all is money right?

What makes it even easier is just how convenient everything is in New York City.  There’s literally a service for everything you can imagine. Big or small someone will cater to your need and has probably made a business of doing so.

One of my splurges is definitely delivery.  Those magic words “delivery please” that cause someone else to take on the burdens of some of the most simplistic things and provide for you.  The ability to pick up the phone and within minutes have your desires fulfilled and delivered to your door.  In fact there’s often the ability to not even need to pick up the phone, as there are online ordering options for everything.

In New York, I’ve found that I can practically get anything delivered. Things I would have never thought of ever getting someone else to do and deliver.

First it started with some necessities, like furniture delivery and the sorts. Getting furniture delivered though is nothing out of the ordinary.   From there it progressed to ordering food and with so many options you can pretty much get any food you are craving delivered pronto. Even simple things like bubble tea (yes, I’ve had an order of bubble tea delivered to the office before.)

Now there are numerous sites that make it so you don’t even need to interact with a person. Just point, click, punch in a few vital credit card numbers and voila. Food is at your door.

Convenience is everywhere. I barely carry cash anymore. Even all the cabs now are outfitted with credit card machines. A short ride and a quick swipe later you’re at your destination and ready to go.

I’ve even gotten a bit lazy with doing laundry. I really miss having a washer/dryer in the home.  You never realize what a nuisance it is until you have to lug all your washings to a laundromat.  Where you fight with others for machines and hope the powerhouse industrial strength machines don’t tear apart your clothing.

Here’s my lazy comes in, I started getting laundry service.  Where for $0.75/lb I get my laundry picked up, washed, folded and delivered back to me all spiffy clean.  That’s not bad, most of the time it comes out to around $15 – $20 for my 2 or 3 bags of laundry.  If I account for the costs for me to wash and dry at the laundromat and factor in the 2 hours of time (minimum) it takes for me to wash, dry and fold and multiply that by minimum wage…it comes out to be about the same.  See that’s how I started justifying paying someone to do my laundry.  In return I have that time I would have spent doing laundry to work on other things.

In my case it’s typically just being lazy, I wish I could say I was using that vital time for more productive things.  After a long week though, I think it’s deserved.

What next convenience item will I discover next? I’m not sure, but pretty soon I’m sure it’ll have me sucked in and I’ll be parting with my money unnecessarily for another boost in convenience.

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