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Deactivating Netflix Account On Samsung Smart Hub

82,604 views Since it was Spewed out 7 years, 11 months ago at 12:27 am

This has got to be the most convoluted way to unlink a Netflix account in the Samsung Smart Hub available on some newer Samsung TVs.

My parents just got a new TV and so I thought I would show them Netflix streaming on the fancy new TV by using my account. Unfortunately there was no way to log out of the application. If you’re looking at switching to another user account, also equally difficult.

I even went via the website to deactivate all linked devices from my account which I assumed wouldn’t work since the Samsung Smart Hub software doesn’t hook up to Netflix the same way as some of the other Netflix approved devices do like an Xbox or Roku etc.

I was right on that front it definitely doesn’t deactivate the link.  After some digging around the net I found this little gem that finally worked. For those familiar with the Konami Code you’d think it was a total joke. Turns out it actually is the way to deactivate the link and apparently works for other similar devices like smart TVs and devices that use a simple web login interface.

Simply on your remote control put in: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up. (I am dead serious)

On the Samsung a grey settings screen will popup with your account information and an option to deactivate.

EDIT – Thanks to Hovati, added in the additional final “up”.

EDIT 2013-04-29 – It sounds like some folks are getting stuck on the screen with “back” and “deactivate” as the options but the inability for any key presses to register on their remotes. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with what would cause that to happen and thus have no answer to this for the time being.

EDIT 2016-02-21 – Thanks to Justin’s comment, if you’re stuck on the above grey screen, apparently a factory reset is the way to go.

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126 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. GravatarCandyMac420

    Omggggg thank u!

  2. GravatarRachel B

    IM IN SHOCK!!!!! How?!?! I love technology!

  3. GravatarPatricia

    What happens when you can’t login in to do this? Any suggestions how. Tried resetting that didn’t work ?

  4. GravatarJustin

    alright i figured out the deactivating glitch. When youre stuck on the grey screen and cant select deactivate or even back. You need to do a factory reset. I ended up just holding the power button down on the remote for 10-15 seconds and then did the same when i was turning it back on. (dont know if thats actually how you factory restart but it worked for me). Then go to netflix and it went to the login screen for me. good luck people! hope this works for you.

  5. GravatarEmma

    Ah you absolute hero! Can’t believe this worked but you have saved a very irritating hour trying to figure this out. Brilliant stuff. Thank you!

  6. GravatarAlex S

    I did this deactivate stuff but now I would like to activate netflix on the same device. But I can not get into Netflix as I always get the message: unable to connect to netflix, please try again. My internet works fine as the streams from amazon work perfectly. Any ideas how to solve this?

  7. GravatarJeanne

    Unbelievable but it worked!!!!! Thank you!!!

  8. GravatarJeff

    Gotta echo that this actually works. Deactivated my daughter’s account and set up my own. Fantastic tip!

  9. GravatarStefanie Gough

    Okay so I’ve tried to Konami code a bunch, and the only options on the screen it takes me to is to Reload or Exit netflix. I can’t get to a deactivate option for the life of me. Any ideas what this might be about? I’ve tried the code while signed in, while signed out, while in the process of loading, everything. No idea why I can’t deactivate it. (This is through a Samsung BD-J5700). Help please!

  10. GravatarFlor

    Wowww its works! Thank youuuu!

  11. GravatarDeborah

    Are people doing this while they are stuck on the Netflix loading screen. I cannot get it to work at all?? My screen is stuck on the Red Netflix screen and there is a little wheel underneath that is spinning… nothing happens when I push the buttons in that order…. help!!!!!

  12. That worked great for me! I didn’t believe holding down the power button would do anything, but it did the trick.

    I had been able to get to the screen with various choices after seeing the “We are having trouble accessing these titles for your right now. Please try again later” message by using the Konami code (above) but could not move the cursor at all. I used the power button hold and the power button turn on and Voila! back to Netflix. Thanks!

  13. GravatarNicky

    To Deborah,
    I finally figured it out. You have to be in netflix.

  14. GravatarPaul

    You’re a legend, so easy when you learn how! After hours wasted trying different processes, finally read your post and it worked like a charm. Thanks for posting this!! Cheers!!

  15. GravatarZoe

    I can’t get the code to work at all, nothing happens whatsoever 😔 Any tips?

  16. GravatarSusan

    You have to log into Netflix and instead of clicking on your profile name, click on the left right up down buttons as directed above. Next wait. Then it will lead you to the grey screen where you can select exit Netflix on this device. It was a pain, but worked.

    Thank you so much for these posts.

  17. Gravatarjunie


  18. GravatarMarcel

    Thank you so much! It worked 🙂
    I spent over an hour looking for the logout button on netflix.

    But using the up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up combo once inside netflix made the logout button show up.

    What were they thinking when they programmed this? Does no one test this stuff for user friendliness before shipping it out? Smart TV….

    Thanks once again!

  19. Gravatarcourtney

    Our problem is the account that is in our Samsung TV is not up to date in payments. (An old babysitter’s account and we have no control over this!) We did the up down code and it pulled up the menu, however the deactivate button is greyed out and we cannot select anything. Anyone help with this? Thanks!

  20. GravatarWayne Weyant

    Awesome!! Worked perfect!! There is no way anyone would figure that out.

  21. GravatarIrvilia

    Thank you. Worked like magic!

  22. GravatarRae

    I can’t believe this worked. You are my hero.

  23. GravatarJed

    This is the best, thanks!

  24. GravatarDeb

    It worked, OMG, that’s nuts, but hey….I’m in Mexico, and used a smart TV in a rental unit. Of course I didn’t want to leave my account on for everyone else to be able to use….could not figure out how to get it off…the Konami code worked. Amazing. Thanks!

  25. GravatarKathy

    Well, I sure wasn’t expecting that to WORK! Forever grateful

  26. GravatarRay

    Yes the up down up down thing worked!! THANK YOU!!!

    Some important things to note:

    1) You have to be in the Netflix app when you do it, and yes you will see the selections highlighted in the app changing as you do this.

    2) Don’t press the sequence too quickly! At first I thought that I had to hit the arrows as fast as possible and was frustrated when nothing happened after a half dozen tries. But when I tried each arrow about a second apart – bingo!

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