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Deactivating Netflix Account On Samsung Smart Hub

73,426 views Since it was Spewed out 3 years, 9 months ago at 12:27 am

This has got to be the most convoluted way to unlink a Netflix account in the Samsung Smart Hub available on some newer Samsung TVs.

My parents just got a new TV and so I thought I would show them Netflix streaming on the fancy new TV by using my account. Unfortunately there was no way to log out of the application. If you’re looking at switching to another user account, also equally difficult.

I even went via the website to deactivate all linked devices from my account which I assumed wouldn’t work since the Samsung Smart Hub software doesn’t hook up to Netflix the same way as some of the other Netflix approved devices do like an Xbox or Roku etc.

I was right on that front it definitely doesn’t deactivate the link.  After some digging around the net I found this little gem that finally worked. For those familiar with the Konami Code you’d think it was a total joke. Turns out it actually is the way to deactivate the link and apparently works for other similar devices like smart TVs and devices that use a simple web login interface.

Simply on your remote control put in: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up. (I am dead serious)

On the Samsung a grey settings screen will popup with your account information and an option to deactivate.

EDIT – Thanks to Hovati, added in the additional final “up”.

EDIT 2013-04-29 – It sounds like some folks are getting stuck on the screen with “back” and “deactivate” as the options but the inability for any key presses to register on their remotes. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with what would cause that to happen and thus have no answer to this for the time being.

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96 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. Gravatarhovati

    You left out an “up” on the end. Also, you’ll want to make sure you are in the locked app (e.g. netflix app) before you start with the konami code business. So cool that this works. Samsung support doesn’t have the right answer — babu says “do a factory reset”.

  2. GravatarPatricia c

    I was going crazy trying to desactive it. It really works. Thank you.
    Patty Ensenada Mexico

  3. GravatarSarah

    wow, it actually worked, thanks alot.

  4. GravatarLeslie

    This works! How did you find this!?

  5. GravatarCathy

    Worked! Thank you so much for posting this. Saved me a lot of time and aggrevation trying to figure it out!

  6. It was driving me crazy that Icouldn’t take my friends account off my Samsung
    TV. This worked perfectly. Thank you!!!

  7. GravatarCristiana

    THANK YOU…. You helped me A LOT!!!

  8. GravatarWendy

    It worked! Thank you so much.We are returning this tv for one a little bigger and I was freaking out that I needed to deactivate my account first with no clue as to how. Thanks again. Sincerely.

  9. GravatarRoy

    Hey, i tried this on my new samsung un55es7100 tv. It did pull up some page but it didnt have the deactivate option.

  10. Hi Roy, unfortunately I did this a while back on my parent’s TV so I’m not even sure the specific model. It seems to work on most Samsung TVs from what I’ve heard but since I’ve never found any official documentation of this I’m guessing it probably doesn’t work on all.

  11. Gravatarsarahkk

    Yay!! You friggin rock!! I love the internet and google search… >_<

  12. GravatarKort

    Thanks so much for this post! We returned a TV and did not want our Netflix activated for the next purchaser!

  13. GravatarSamsung UN40ES6100F

    Holy c**** it worked!
    Sign into Netflix app and run code from there. Worked first time

  14. GravatarNag

    Dude, thats great. It works. I would never have figured it out myself.

  15. GravatarHarolds

    Totally worked! Thanks!

  16. GravatarNarks

    Wow! This actually works! Dammmnnnn
    Was very scepticle at first! But wowwww we….

  17. GravatarSharon

    Yes, make sure you are in the Netflix app and it really does work! THANK YOU. I was drving myself crazy trying to figure it out through Smart TV. Not really that “Smart” afterall. Major design flaw.

  18. GravatarPaulina

    Still works! But there is an extra up at the end btw!

  19. Gravatarsteban

    ajajaj feels like doing a combo on street fighter!! but it works perfectly THANKS A LOT!!!

  20. Gravatarpersom


  21. GravatarMary

    You are awesome! Thanks so much for posting this! It worked perfectly for me. I needed to switch netflix accounts. I never would have been able to figure it out on my own. THANKS

  22. Gravatarwinston

    thank you very much cant believed it work.

  23. Gravatardaniela

    wow that worked LOL i didnt think it would. tysm!!

  24. Gravatarkaren

    WORKED 😀

  25. GravatarKamal

    after pressing the required keys…I am able to see the screen with deactivate & back (control is stuck on back option and wouldnt move to deactivate…

  26. GravatarKristen

    So, if I have got to the point where I can either go back or deactivate and none of the buttons on the remote respond (yes, I checked the batteries), what should I do?

  27. GravatarMike

    I did get the display and there was a “back” and “dectivate” option. Couldn’t get it to move off of the “back” option. Is there another button to push?

  28. GravatarGary

    Thank you!!! I was stuck.

  29. GravatarRich C

    Hi my Netflix app has frozen up too on the he Samsung Smart 6500.
    By deactivating the Netflix app I can then start over again logging in ?
    Thanks ! Rc

  30. Gravatarrhandi

    hokey smokes batman. boom. worked.

  31. GravatarPaul cavanagh

    Worked fine for me, and i can’t believe that the designed user experience between Samsung and Netflix is so appalling bad- many thanks for fix tho !

  32. GravatarSandra Hernandez

    OMG im so happy and relieved i was stuck with this issue for about 2 weeks. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!! IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!

  33. GravatarSej

    Wow thank you – I couldn’t believe I was falling for this but was desperate and could not believe it when saw it works!

  34. About to lose my Fing mind! Then I find this post… I think back to my Nintendo controller, there’s no way, but it worked.
    THANK YOU a million times!

  35. GravatarCrystal

    I was going crazy, but this really worked. THANKS!

  36. GravatarCaio

    Man, I can’t believe it really worked.

    Thanks for the “cheat”. Have someone to infinite money or something?

  37. I forgot? my password on my smart Hub can you help me

  38. GravatarVictor

    Thank you!
    Unbelievable! Was two days trying to change the account from NETFLIX ON MY SmartTV.

  39. GravatarClaire

    That was the coolest thing ever!!!

  40. If you forgot your password, then probably not. These are just instructions to disassociate the account. I’m sure there must be a forgot password option of some sort though.

  41. GravatarRandy

    You, my friend, are the man.

  42. GravatarTFoxx

    wow!!! it really worked! I am so grateful for this forum. I tried everything, including contacting Samsung support directly. Nothing worked. It only took 3 seconds for these steps…LOL

  43. GravatarAnn

    Thank you so much

  44. GravatarMatty

    Hi! Is there a way to permanently change account because I have to re-enter the code every time I want to watch my netflix?

  45. GravatarSarah

    Just thought Id let you guys know, if you just start Netflix and hit up twice (while its loading (big red screen)) it takes you to member sign in

  46. GravatarN66dan

    Thanks mate , I was pulling my hair out till I read this . Well done

  47. GravatarAnna

    How do I do the sequence if the remote control my smart hub has is touch and doesn’t have the up, down, right, left buttons?

  48. Gravatarcat

    Once you get into it, just use the TVès remote to move the cursor up and down to deactivate.

  49. GravatarAbraham

    HELP! My control remote doesnt have those buttons… only the touch panel can anyone hel me???

  50. GravatarJ. Munoz

    Thank you so very much! My son’s friend had signed in with her dad’s account and never signed off, so somehow when I tried to connect it was stuck on retrieving titles for a while. Reminds me of the old “mortal combat” finishing moves… 😉

  51. GravatarBirdie

    WOW! Our CRAZY ordeal is over! Our unit was an opened box item. We’ve had it a year and couldn’t figure this out. Finally! You are such a gem. Thank you, Thank you for your help! How whacky. I chuckled about this at first. I thought, watch…I’m gonna go try this like an idiot and of course it’s not going to really work. I did. Wowsers!

    Consider yourself paraded around with thanks from our family. :)

  52. GravatarG

    Thank you! This really worked! Very cool!

  53. GravatarAM

    YOU ROCK!! This totally worked. Amazing!! Thank you!

  54. Gravatarjimmy

    Someone at Samsung should be fired for this.

  55. GravatarKM

    Thanks SO much! We did EVERYTHING else and NOTHING worked! The extra “up” was the key. Other sites didn’t have that listed. Hard to believe that “smart” TVs create this kind of issue. Thanks again!

  56. GravatarEd

    Crazy but true. Thsnks

  57. GravatarGreg

    It Worked………the next day I opened Netflix and it came up as the “old” account………not mine…… Once I went through the up/down process, it went to the correct account………..anyone have this happen? Any ideas? Thanks!

  58. Gravatarsjohns2son

    Are there any such codes for getting the preloaded apps such as pandora, amazon and others that Samsung thinks we should have taking up the small amount of memory space they provide?

  59. Gravatarstnan

    I have touch remote with no buttons…he remote has a mouse pad do u do the upmup with only a sensor and no buttons

  60. GravatarKIM

    After much searching and frustration I found your blog. THANK YOU!!!! It worked like a charm.

  61. GravatarAmanda

    Thank you! 4 hrs of me trying to log out, deactivate every possible way. This worked in 10 seconds. Thank you!

  62. GravatarTânia

    OMG Worked! Thanks a lot!

  63. GravatarJessica

    I tired that up down thing an all my tv does is make the shows plays…I cancelled that account and I don’t know why it’s still

  64. GravatarJessica

    Oh and my remote is also touch sensored so I don’t think it’s working

  65. Gravatarronak


  66. Gravataromri

    You guys r the s#@* I cant belive im actually singed out!!!
    Just make sure u r in the app, where u see all the movie icons, and then press the up and down code :)
    Sending u a big hug ;)))))

  67. GravatarNicole

    In order for it to work for me, I had to enter the Konami Code very fast. If I let my TV catch up, I would just remain on the Main menu. When I followed the code fast, the gray screen (with the option to deactivate my account) appeared before I could even finish entering the code.

    Thank you SO much for educating me on this Konami Code. It truly does work! :)

  68. Gravatarjessica

    It worked!!! craziness. at first i didn’t do it exactly as it said, i thought just moving the arrows around would do it, but no go. so i went back to this site and after doing it exactly it totally worked! why on earth there isn’t a deactivate button on the samsung tv is a serious customer service issue. their newer tv’s should really integrate a button into the new design. it’s just a poor interface for such an expensive thing

  69. GravatarChris

    thank you so much. Worked a treat?

  70. GravatarBuster1945

    Great answer at the top of the page. For the non technical like me. Make sure you are in the netflix app and select or go to search (ensure it’s highlighted )before the up down malarkey

  71. Gravataralexandre

    Thank you so much!

  72. Gravatarjeff

    The konami code worked for me lmao

  73. GravatarAileen

    Ok. You can laugh, but I am severely directionally challenged when it comes to stuff like this. So, am I using the arrows or is there a certain location that I need to go to in order to fulfill my destiny.


  74. GravatarAileen

    Okay, so I was missing something I was supposed to be logged into the old account, with the app showing the list of movies, then hit the following sequence of buttons on the TV remote: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up. And YES!! It definitely worked. Thank you!!

  75. GravatarRobert

    Thank you so much! I was going crazy trying to figure out how to deactivate the account from a previous owner. It really works!!

  76. GravatarFrustrated


  77. GravatarJim

    Ridiculous but it definitely worked. Thank the person who figured this out and Samsung can kiss my A$$. There is absolutely no reason this should have to be done in today’s age. Really a “smart” TV. I’m surprised they don’t put out the old dial nobs and give you a choice for UHF and VHF and a pair of rabbit ears for reception. Ludicrous.

  78. GravatarMike

    Just change your Netflix password on another device. That way the TV will use invalid credentials and therefore be de-activated. Doh.

  79. GravatarRENITA

    I CANNOT BELIEVEEE IT WORKED!! LOL THATS CRAZY.BUT seriously Samsung needs to have a sign out button on this thing.

  80. GravatarMax

    Yo that shit definitely worked! You have to make sure ur in the Netflix App while you’re doing it, though. Thank you so much! 1/25/2014

  81. GravatarTaylor

    Hahahaha omg I can’t believe it actually worked…. Thank you!

  82. GravatarMagnus

    Thanks a lot!!!
    It worked in Sweden as well :-)

  83. Wow, awesome! This worked for me in the Windy City. Thanks much.

  84. GravatarPam

    I cancelled my Netflix account so the only way to get to the movies is to have an active account so the up up doesn’t work. Even though my account in cancelled, I cannot log into Netflix with a different account on Samsumg smart TV.

  85. GravatarJose Maria

    Hi, can you said me how can I do reset Netflix with “Smart Touch Control” because it is only my control. Thks. My TV is Samsung UN46F7500. bought in Chile

  86. Thanks……..Super easy!! Just don’t forget the 5th UP at the end and that you need to be in the netflix app in order for it to work.

  87. GravatarArturo

    Hey i am following the procedure verbatim and it did take me to the member, network and device profile but the deactivate button does not show up. This is a completely new Samsung TV.

    Any comments?

  88. GravatarICAC

    Amazing. While signed on to Netflix, I went to the search screen and then typed the code using the arrows and yes I was able to deactivate and sign in again with a different account. Thanks for sharing. Google search is great!

    Miami, Florida

  89. Gravatarcarlos vinicius

    It’s fantastic, after all tries finally i got, thank you so much!!!

  90. Gravatarnas

    Hey brilliant it works Thanks

  91. GravatarAlicia

    AMAZING!!! really works don’t forget the extra up.

  92. GravatarK

    Has anyone come up with any solutions for what to do when the screen comes up after using the code but you are unable to select the option to deactivate?

  93. Gravatarnicole dz

    I can get the screen to pop up but it is stuck on the back button, wont let me select deactivate from either of the smart tv remotes that came with the TV, I tried every button, it is like the screen is frozen, has anyone found out how to select the deactivate, cuz none of the up or down or any other button works.

  94. Gravatarnicole dz

    okay I seriously unplugged the dvd player for 30 seconds, plugged it back in, started the Netflix app and it popped up to login. so if the remote wont let you select up to deactivate just unplug the dvd player for 30 seconds and try it again.

  95. GravatarDrea

    Omg I can’t believe that actually worked thankkkss

  96. GravatarKristin Webber

    This actually worked and I can now set up my own account and watch my own selected movies and so forth. Thanks for the tip because this was driving me INSANE!

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