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Well this is the part that usually gives you — the reader — some sort of witty background info about this site as well as myself.  Honestly I’m not sure when everything all started.  Somewhere along the way I left paper behind and started to write in WordPerfect and Word files which eventually spawned into web pages.  Anyways, this blog is what it has evolved into.

This site?

This site was previously running on Nucleus for which I’ve recently switched to WordPress. This is all running atop LAMP (which for the uninitiated would be Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP).  WordPress is popular because it’s quick and easy to use with plugins for everything imaginable.

If you’re wondering about the pictures beside people’s comments and how to get them there, this site utilizes Gravatars (or Globally Recognizable Avatars). You can set one up at their site. Many sites utilize them.

What’s with the name?

Vertigo was what this “blog” was previously named. In essence, named for it’s description of the whirlybird disoriented nature of my thoughts. Not to mention the confusion my stream of consciousness style of expelling thoughts tended to create. The name was also a tribute to Hitchcock. So after contemplating the name Sugarcane (yeah, don’t ask), I’ve now decided to name the site Reverb. Initially it was itended to be Reverberate. Partially for its description of how my thoughts have a tendancy to resound and repeat with me. Also for the hope that whatever is blogged here will have a continuing positive and profound effect — haha. Reverberate, can also be typed entirely with your left hand on a QWERTY keyboard (sorry DVORAK users). To make it easier it’s just Reverb.

What’s with the content?

Well whatever happens to be on my mind, I’ll write out. That means that sometimes it is blunt, odd, politically incorrect, malformed, overly emphasized, incomplete, incorrect, serious, humourous, melancholy, silly, stupid, spiritual, religious, materialistic, honest and everything in between. I’m human and imperfect so feel free to comment with the same vigor.

Some of these posts date way back and come from various systems. In fact there’s stuff that dates even earlier than 2003 into the mid-90’s, however as times have changed so have the platforms I’ve used and moving the posts along has been a long drawn out process I haven’t taken the time (and probably never will) to properly do.  That’s why there’s still some posts with numbered titles instead of a text title.

What about you?

Self CensoredI’m from Vancouver, Canada home to the 2010 Winter Olympics where by day I’m working at a large corporation that is dominant on the web and by night I’m creating websites and doing other design related tasks both on and off the net. I’ve also got my hands in numerous things like producing documentaries for local community tv, buzz/viral marketing and a few things I’ve had to sign NDAs for one of which would be freelance Ninja. I have some odd quirks, but then again who doesn’t. Given the opportunity I will meticulously pick each piece of lint from the “hook” side of velcro, and hair out of hair brushes. It passes time and in both cases restores the effectiveness of the item. If you haven’t noticed already I enjoy eating. Like they say: “Some people eat to live, some people live to eat.” I’m one of the latter.

I love Vancouver. A Lot. As a result I am a contributor to Vancouver Metroblogging. That doesn’t mean I don’t like traveling though. You can view my journeys at my travel site here. I’m currently very in love with NYC and intend on living there for some part of my life am living there. Working at a great company, doing something I enjoy a lot and having fun making new friends.

They say you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. As such you can check out a small sampling from my current super outdated collection on the sidebar.


I guess I should really update this about page. Some day when the ratio of words that are stricken out outnumber the words that aren’t, I’ll make a serious effort.

Strangely Interesting

  • Check this out. Someone took the time to draw a pic of Homer Simpson purely in CSS.

  • Not feeling safe at night? How about a table that turns into a shield and bat?

  • Seeing as I will most likely never climb Everest, this will have to do.  Someone has kindly created this 360 Degree panorama of the view from the top.


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