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100 Things

100 Things

Spewed out 12 years, 6 months ago at 9:05 pm

Last Updated: Aug 26 2007

  1. When I was 5 years old I correctly guessed the number of black and orange jelly beans in the jar at school and won myself a Halloween pumpkin
  2. I've travelled to every US state except for Alaska
  3. I enjoy picking lint and other debris out of velcro
  4. I still enjoy playing with Lego
  5. My biggest pet peeve is people that drag their feet. I have been known not to hire a fully qualified individual with amazing credentials simply because they dragged their feet. I've also been known to stop hanging out with certain people because of this as well.
  6. I enjoy thrill rides and have been known to travel specifically to try out a new thrill
  7. I compose naughty poetry on any magnetic poetry set I have access to
  8. I named my dog what I wanted to name my daughter. Seeing that I'm not having kids any time soon and that it is a 50/50 chance it will be a girl, giving the name to my dog made far more sense. Unfortunately numerous other people I know also wanted to use that name for their daughters. As a result they dislike me for using it on my dog.
  9. I've experienced an opioid induced itch aka The Morphine Itch and it was extremely unpleasant
  10. I've been in far too many car accidents as a passenger and as a result am weary of entering other peope's vehicles (I'm slowly getting over this.)
  11. I love airports and plane watching
  12. I enjoy thunder storms and lightning
  13. I enjoy getting drenched and running about in thunder and lightning even more
  14. I am a perpetual dreamer and often find myself detatching myself from reality
  15. I recently started feeling kind of bad for making fun of a girl in elementary school that touched the wet brown paint. I said she touched poo. She cried.
  16. My ultimate dream car is a Lotus. I fell in love with them the first time I saw the Lotus Esprit in the James Bond movies
  17. I sometimes walk around cemetaries reading old tombstones, I find it strangely spiritual
  18. When I can't sleep I often read about serial killers, often times at
  19. I enjoy cooking but I often end up spending more on ingredients than I would on dining out
  20. On a good day I can type 95 words per minute with 100% accuracy
  21. Before the internet I used to dial in to BBS's on a modem so slow it would make me want to hop out and push. Yes I'm a geek.
  22. I didn't get an allowance when I was in grade school. I did however get transit tickets. I would sell these to other kids who thought they were cool and would use the money to buy myself things. I would then tell my parents I used up all the transit vouchers to get more.
  23. When I shared a room with my sister I used to fling boogers over to her side of the room
  24. I obtained a black belt in Taekwondo. My membership expired shortly after and I never really learned anything at the black belt level however.
  25. My earliest memory is loosing my Mickey Mouse sunglasses and baseball cap at the Grand Canyon when I was 2.5 years old. It must've been extremely traumatizing for me to have remembered.
  26. I dream of being a Ninja and sometimes get caught sneaking around like a fool
  27. My mom almost died giving birth to me. I would get reminded of this whenever she got mad
  28. I almost died by choking on a banana when I was 3. What a humiliating way to die that would've been.
  29. I've been working on developing a taste for mushrooms for the past 6 years. I still can't handle button mushrooms.
  30. I have no qualms with a dog licking me, however when a baby drools on me I'll immediately look to wipe it off.
  31. I was the culprit that flushed my grade 6 teacher's keys down the toilet.
  32. I have a tendancy to become addicted to pain killers. As a result I always try not to take any.
  33. When I go deep sea fishing I enjoy reeling up the fish extremely quickly so the change in pressure pops their eyes and lungs out. Cruel I know, but that's the boy within me and I still do it.
  34. I'm horrible at organizing my email
  35. I had curly hair until my first haircut
  36. I enjoy drinking Fresca. I get made fun of because it's an "old persons" soda
  37. I cut part of my knuckle off in Home Economics class. I left it in the drawer.
  38. My frist word was "eat"
  39. I like lists of things
  40. I'm afraid of gaining a gut once I hit 30. Apparently it runs in the family.
  41. After bungee jumping, I was extremely disappointed at how lame it was. Not very thrilling.
  42. I like crushes more than relationships. They're far less disappointing.
  43. I like the crunching sound of fresh snow. It bothers me when it squeeks instead though.
  44. I enjoy walking aimlessly
  45. I enjoy it even more when I have a camera in hand
  46. I had a Lost In Translation moment when I went to Seoul, Korea. As a result I think about her at least once a year.
  47. I like interesting flowers, like the Spider Orchid from the Australian Outback
  48. I almost always have background sounds going on. Either the TV or Music.
  49. I enjoy random long drives to nowhere
  50. I hate it more when I am late than when others are late
  51. I've been involved in a fight with a homeless bum. It was justified and witnesses said they'd have my back.
  52. I've been pricked by a drug needle and had a HIV scare as a result
  53. I suffer from bouts of insomnia from time to time and I have now given up on trying to figure it out or fix it
  54. I succumbed to peer pressure during a grade school ski trip and threw pennies at hookers from the school bus
  55. I've had a cop think I was driving whilst high as a kite because of my bad allergies. I had a stuffed up nasally voice and insanely swollen eyes.
  56. My Grandma on my mother's side was distant and didn't care much for me, yet I strangely and routinely bring flowers to her grave semi-annually
  57. This may be driven from my poor relationship with my parents and my yearning for family
  58. I have a knack for remembering obscure facts, as a result I kick ass at Trivial Pursuit
  59. I've burst out laughing at a funeral before. Yes I'm THAT guy. It's apparently a common thing for people who don't know how to cope properly at least that's what I've been told.
  60. The fastest I've ever gone in a car before is 230 KM/h
  61. I've electrocuted myself twice
  62. I dislike hospitals because of that sanitary smell.
  63. I used to play the piano but quit due to constantly being compared to my piano prodigy sister
  64. In an attempt to run away when I was younger, I went train hopping. I only lasted about 10 KMs before chickening out.
  65. I discovered the famous Anarchist's Cookbook when I was 8. My friend and I would build bombs and explosives after Sunday school.
  66. Two of my fingers are mildly crooked due to fractures I sustained but did not get checked out by a doctor until the bones had already fused back together. Both were fractured in separate but under equally embarassing situations.
  67. The first finger was because I closed my car door on it. The second finger was a result of getting it stuck whilst releasing a bowling ball.
  68. I remember intricate and minute details about people and places
  69. For example there is a used match stuck in the top left corner of the advertising frame in the men's bathroom of the Lansdowne Earl's. It's been there for the past 3 years.
  70. Making a pitch/presentation to a group of 1000+ people was less intimidating than when I submitted my final IB English paper to the panel of evaluators in Geneva
  71. I have an unhealthy shoe, CD and DVD collection
  72. I am proudly Canadian
  73. I have discovered the joy of eating steak bleu
  74. My game has only marginally improved since taking golf lessons
  75. I get annoyed at people who think I'm open to conversation just because I'm with my dog
  76. I picked up the art of photo-whoring whilst attending film school
  77. My C2 to C5 vertebrae are permanently misaligned by a few millimetres.
  78. I've fired a few guns and contrary to others, it doesn't make me feel powerful.
  79. I always wanted to join the boy scouts but never did
  80. The first movie I ever saw in a theatre was Batman. I was tagging along on my sister's date.
  81. I have kept every single ticket stub for every movie I've ever seen in a theatre
  82. According to the Jung-Myers-Brigg personality test I am an ENFJ (Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging)
  83. I like cruising the art gallery with music playing through my headphones
  84. I like eating exotic cheeses
  85. I went cliff jumping in Hawaii and it was fun
  86. I find it disconcerting that some of the greatest books of all time are year after year challenged or already on the banned books list
  87. I like watching the old Looney Tunes war propaganda episodes like "Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips"
  88. I'm fascinated by people with accents
  89. I find collarbones attractive
  90. I dip chocolate chip cookies in milk and oatmeal cookies in coffee. On occassion I do it vice-versa.
  91. I've been told I'm racist against my own race in a humourous context more than once
  92. I love ice cream. I have polished off a 4 litre bucket with one other friend during a movie. I felt sick afterwards but would do it again if presented the opportunity.
  93. I give films my full attention and get annoyed when others don't, eg. talking / making noise (I'm slowly getting over it)
  94. I was secretly hoping for mass hysteria and was slightly disappointed when nothing happened for Y2K
  95. My handwriting was so bad they created a new award for me in grade school for "most improved handwriting"
  96. To this day I am self-concscious about my handwriting and rarely show it to anyone
  97. I think Valentines is a stupid day and no reason properly justifies it's existence
  98. I never went through the "Ewww girls!" phase of boyhood. I often wonder what that is like.
  99. I think 1999 was a great year.
  100. I find it peculiar that I thought 1999 was a great year for number 99 on this list without realizing what the number was and have as a result bumped off the original 100th thing due to this edit

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