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Dubai Metro Versus Vancouver Skytrain

Spewed out 10 years, 5 months ago at 10:56 am

The Dubai Metro opened just under a month ago on 09.09.09 at 09.09.09 PM to coincide with the launch of the Beetles Rockband game.  Just kidding about that last part.

For those of you interested in transit and trains and what not, the building of the Dubai Metro is absolutely amazing. In just 4 years they built and completed the main line. Compare this to the long awaited second avenue subway line in New York City.

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Top 20 Breakup Songs To Sing Along To

Spewed out 10 years, 6 months ago at 8:19 pm

Whether or not you’re going through a breakup, have gone through one or even if you haven’t, singing along with these songs is always fun.

The following list of songs consist of some that are great to sing along to whether you’re alone, or out at a karaoke bar with friends.  Belting these tunes out in the comfort of your shower or car or just lying in bed.

There’s a few songs for all sorts of breakup situations. Of course the angry songs are probably the ones that are more fun to sing, but there’s ones about longing, complications, and residual feelings.

Songs with videos after the jump.

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Tamara Hope

Tamara Hope Is Creepy As Hell

Spewed out 10 years, 8 months ago at 7:28 am

Have you seen Tamara Hope in that new Palm Pre commercial? She embodies creepiness in it. So much so that there’s been videos that creepify it even more. What gives?

Here’s the original:

The modified version is after the fold.

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Sidewalk Sidewinders

Spewed out 10 years, 8 months ago at 7:42 pm

Every day we take to the streets and walk the sidewalks on our way to our destinations for the day. Most of us are keen enough to walk in a straight line.  Why is it though that there are so many people that seem to lack the coordination to walk straight?

Granted there are those people who are either busy texting or chatting on their phones that tend to drift.  I can’t understand how hard it is to maintain a straight line.  If you have that much trouble walking straight and talking, I’d really hate to see them try to multitask with anything else.

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Describing Men’s Desire For Women

Spewed out 10 years, 9 months ago at 6:30 pm

This sums it all up perfectly. Why and how men desire women.

Women would be amazed if they knew what men desire about them. Yes, of course, they want to see women naked and supine and melting, but male desire is far more readily stimulated by what the oblique glance discovers: the parted lips, the micron of eyelash which the mascara brush missed, the changing angle and shadow of cleavage, the bra-strap alternately displayed and covered up, the ripe-camembert plumpness at the edge of hips. There is, inside every adult man, a relentless Peeping Tom, a perennial 14-year-old boy, still amazed by the phenomenon of women on display, flagging their sexuality, their availability, with every square inch of visible flesh, clothing, make-up and curve.

We desire the personality that we discern in the walk, the clothes, the laugh… We look, and sigh, and wish to do certain things to her, first urgently, then luxuriantly, and keep doing it indefinitely; but we also hunger to have her do certain things to us, unimaginable though it may seem—we want her to want us. We don’t just want her surrender, like a slave captured in battle; we want her approbation, her adoration; we want to enchant her to desire us back. For, no matter how humble we feel before the dizzying fact of female beauty, men are just as narcissistic as women.”

– John Walsh

That about sums it up. Desire: What realy turns us on?

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  • Check this out. Someone took the time to draw a pic of Homer Simpson purely in CSS.

  • Not feeling safe at night? How about a table that turns into a shield and bat?

  • Seeing as I will most likely never climb Everest, this will have to do.  Someone has kindly created this 360 Degree panorama of the view from the top.


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